Leather is skin. Is what you could be wearing now?

A skin of maybe a tiger, a dog or any other animal…

We GoMojo an NGO organization’s investigation revels that dogs are killed  so that their skin can be turned into leather gloves, belts, jacket-collar trim, cat toys, and other accessories. Dog-leather products are often mislabeled and exported throughout the world to be sold to unsuspecting customers.

Lets come together and save them form being slaughtered, the ones whom we call our best friends (dogs) its time to raise voices for them.



Together, we can make a difference. Every day in countries around the world, animals are fighting for their lives. They are enslaved, beaten, and kept in chains to make them perform for humans’ “entertainment”; they are mutilated and confined to tiny cages so that we can kill them and eat them; they are burned, blinded, poisoned, and cut up alive in the name of “science”; they are electrocuted, strangled, and skinned alive so that people can parade around in their coats; and worse. The abuse that animals suffer at human hand is more embarrassing when one knows it is even because of the daily choices one makes- be it what one eats for lunch, what shampoo they use, etc.

Animals are counting on compassionate people to make a difference for them, if you be that one in a thousand or hundred who wants to make a difference it the life of animals all you have to do is read a bit more about the food, animal experimentations, clothing, pet trades, etc and create a kinder environment for them and make a difference.



What if you come to know that all your beauty products you use are made out of some animals skin, hair, body or anything else?

Being a vegan we are someone who wants to always find some like minded people who have some compassion for animals too…

All one has to do is navigate through the numbo-jumbo of the confusing claims and find the product to cherish one’s beauty, because with animals testing there also comes a lot of grey shades.

#squirrels are adorable but not for using them as brush.

#You don’t spot me? Oh yes I am the face pack on your face.

#Animals are prettier and happier outside when not in labs.

No reasons can justify this right, so do not forget to go through the fine print of your product.

#SaveAnimals #AnimalsLove #CrueltyFree #FurryFriends #Love



Diwali is round the cornet. And this time too, i will have to figure out how Mojo, my Labrador friend can be protected from the noise and thunder of so-called Diwali Celebrations. It so happened that i got caught up in a conversation with my friends on efforts at bringing down the decibel levels and reduce noise pollution. This is what we need. More voices to join the campaign and sensitize people to animal welfare. As part of GoMojo, we take this initiative and encourage few more like us to lend our voices too.


When I come home having a really long day, all that brings smile on my face is to see my dog treat me like I am the world that means to him…

Dogs are someone who loves you immensely, they are someone that depend on us for love, care, protection, make the a FAMILY.

You and your dog both speak different languages, train them how to behave, never leave them because even once left alone dogs are faced with stress and loneliness, heartstrokes in summers, dehydration in winters.

Treat them as your family, and you will have the bestest friend of yours for life.

#DogLove #FamilyMember #BestFriend #Care #Protection #Love